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Above are some examples that even "Inferior" ugly short fat men from the third world can date, fuck even marry pretty women and elegant ladies. My friend: so CAN you!

About Dates Great

We are a small but efficient team: Parrot(A super fan of New England Patriots), Ben(A Belgian sexpert) and Bad Boy(me), plus a couple of freelance top experts. All this originated three years ago from a brainstorm in a chic bar Clodette in Antwerp, Belgium, where we gleefully talked about many things thanks to the fabulous Belhaven black stout such as PC(Political Correctness), contemporary feminism, female psychology, naturally the topic was soon extended to how to effectively chat with girls online and offline, how to turn them on, how to seduce them with the art of touching, how to bang them successfully after less than one hour's flirtation...

Finally, we ended up with the decision to form a core team and make our expertise commercialized, and create an online platform to help people(mainly men) to succeed in their dating and sex lives.


Get Things Done

Dates Great aims to deliver men(especially those below-average looking short fat and those from developing countries) simple but high efficient and straightforward dating instruments. So, they can lead their romantic lives, get their dream girls laid easily and fast with the help of the book "How Does An 'Inferior' Short Man Become A Ladykiller?" and the online coaching of us. Click the button below "Add to Cart" to buy it now!

3D Model Of The Book

Some extra brilliant, proven to work know-hows, tricks, sex techniques that we developed by teaching men lacking confidence in person are available in our registered members area. Use these FREE training courses and practice materials to hook up with as many new girls as possible or enjoy a harmonic relationship with one girl finally then settle down.

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FREE Sex Training Course

As you know, dating is only the means, sex is the ultimate purpose: dating is the means to an end – TO FUCK HER. Moreover having a satisfactory sex for both parties(you and her) is paramount but far from easy in any case, that's why we put Sex Training Course "TAO OF SEX" in Members Area of this website.

FREE Sex Training Course

Years training work makes we know well that multimedia teaching has the best effect. Most important is all these are FREE for readers who have bought this book.

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A considerate and effective online help is paramount for many men especially those social beginners to achieve success in their dating journeys. Don't worry, we are with you, listen to you and give you our advice and expertise. Yes, for our registered users it's FREE too.

FREE Online Consultancy